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Aftercare & Advice

semi-permanent lash extensions; Classic & Russian volume aftercare 

  • Infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep your lash extensions full & amazing. This way, they can last up to 6 months


  •  Remember aftercare packs are available to buy. They contain a lash cleanser to Be used daily. This removes the build up of dirt and natural oils, keeps lashes clean, improves retention and helps avoid eye infections. 


  • If you have particularly oily skin/hair then cleanse morning and evening to reduce the build up of the oils. 


  • Remember to wait until lashes are dry before combing them. 


  • If on holiday or in the summer months, cleanse twice a day to remove sweat and sun cream, pool or sea water etc. Wear sunglasses, avoid makeup and touching lashes. 


  • If you suffer with hay fever, eye rubbing can damage your natural lashes with extensions, so please get your extensions removed by a professional. 


  • Bare in mind that during colder months our skin is dryer, we use more moisturiser and similar products. Are skin also tries to rehydrate itself. In the summer, our skin is more moist, more sweat etc. This can affect retention. If the weather is kvondtsntly changing our skin is trying to maintain a healthy balance and can therefore over compensate and cause lashes to slide away.



  • The golden rule for lash extensions: the less you touch them, the longer they last. Everyone has natural oils on their skin, touching your lashes can transfer this oil, effecting retention.


  • DO, however, keep your eye area clean. Water based products to clean your lashes and eye area are so important to prevent infection. Add lash cleansing to your daily hygiene routine. 


  • Makeup isn't recommended. If you are insistent upon using it, water based products only! No oil based products in close proximity to your lashes. 100% water based ONLY! 


  • Waterproof makeup is lash extensions worst enemy. AVOID! 


  • Do brush your lashes daily. Lashes can become crossed over and messy. Brushing them daily doesn't just keep them perfect, it does ensure that there is no uneven pressure on your natural lashes by forced change in direction. Do not over brush. Once or twice daily is enough. Over brushing can cause premature lash falling. 


  • Try to sleep on your back. The less pressure on your eye area the better. Try silk pillow cases too. Not only are they supposed to be better for your hair, they prevent static energy and keep lashes in tip top condition.


  • DO NOT perm or curl your lash extensions. If they are not curly enough for you, please consult with me, and we can discuss changing the curl on the extension.  Curling your extensions will damage your natural lashes and ruin your extensions. 


  • Avoid flannels, towels, cotton wool and baby wipes on your lashes. The small fibres in these products can get hooked on the based of the extension and pull it out prematurely. 


  • Once you've had your lash appointment with Bellissima Brows & Lashes, avoid getting your lashes wet for a minimum of 48 hours. This ensures the glue has enough time to dry. 


  • For the first 3 days of your new lashes, avoid direct heat, sunlight, saunas, steam rooms, hot baths, steam and anything similar to the latter. The hot air will break down bonds between the glue and lash and they will fall out. I am speaking with experience here! 


  • Do not rub your eyes. Not only does it encourage eye bags,  that it will break your natural lashes and pull out extensions. Again, resist the temptation to touch your lashes. Picking, pulling, tugging and any pressure will damage your natural lashes. Remember the golden rule! 


  • ONLY get lash extensions removed professionally. Do not attempt this at home. You will cause unnecessary damage to your natural lashes. 


  • Crying and watery eyes will also effect retention. I know it's a hard one to avoid, but bare it in mind if you experience a sudden loss of lashes. 


  • Remember that seasons, weather and temperature can effect lash retention. There is such thing as an autumn lash shed, google it! 


  • Be careful when swimming and diving. Continuous water to the lashes will eventually break down the glue and you will experience a higher lash loss.


  • Summer holidays. Sun cream. Sweat. Sea. Etc. They all take their toll on lash extensions, so expect to lose a few more than usual when away. 


  • This is under the copy right of Bellissima Brows & Lashes.


Lash extensions are always applied with your natural lashes health in mind. Only healthy lashes will have lash extensions applied. The thickeners and length will largely depend on your natural lashes. Extensive training means we are trained to determine the health of each individual lash before an extension is applied. Only suitably weighted extensions will be applied and therefore will not damage your lashes if cared for correctly. Patch testing is required. 

cancellation policy is a minimum of 48 hours. Please find out more by clicking on the terms and conditions policy link. 

No refunds will be given. 

We do not infills other technicians work. A removal of previous lashes and application of a new full Set will be required for all new clients. This ensures the health of your natural lashes, and the ability to create the best possible look for your lashes. 

Aftercare & Advice for Lash lift

​For the first 24 hours:


  • DO:
  • Comb upwards daily
  • use recommend serum


  • DONT:
  • wet or rub eyelashs
  • apply cream to eyes
  • apply mascara
  • use sauna or facial steamer
  • swim 
  • use sunbeds 


24 hours and onwards:


  • For 2 days afterwards, do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water
  • Do not use waterproof mascara
  • use oil free make up re,over if mascara is worn (only use a water based mascara)
  • do not attempt to perm or use lash curlers
  • ensure lashes are not manipulated into different positions (e.g. When sleeping, cleansing the face, applying cosmetics) 


For best results care for your lashes correctly and follow the aftercare advice. You will usually have to have this treatment every 6-8 weeks to maintain the lift. 

Information obtained from Nouveau Lashes, based on LVL lashes.

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