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Terms & Conditions

  • There will be a 50% cancellation fee, if clients cancel less than 48 hours before their appointment. Cancellations of more than 48 hours in advance will not incur a cancellation fee. 


  • If two or more appointments are cancelled last minute, future  appointments will be refused until payment of the full treatment price is received. 


  • If cancellation fee is not paid within 12 hours of the appointment any future appointments will be refused. 


  • Under no circumstances will late payments be accepted. If you arrive and receive your treatment and are unable to pay there and then, it will be treated as theft and further action will be taken. 


  • It is advisable to have a patch test for ALL treatments offered by Bellissima Brows & Lashes. By signing any disclaimer, it is admitted that your patch test was satisfactory.  If you refuse a patch test, you will be refused an appointment.



  • When booking in an appointment with Bellissima Brows & Lashes, you are taking responsibility for your medical health, and requested to answer all health questions to the best of your knowledge. You are encouraged by Bellissima Brows & Lashes to consult with your GP before under going any treatments, and by signing disclaimers, you understand this.


  • If you book an appointment with Bellissima Brows & Lashes, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 


  • Management holds the right to refuse service. 


  • ​If more than usual lash extensions are lost within 72 hours, Bellissima Brows & Lashes will replace them free of charge, ONLY if the correct eye makeup/products is used, aftercare is followed correctly, and Bellissima Brows &. Lashes is notified within 72hours of initial application.


  • Between 3 days and 7 days, infills will be given as a £10 charge.


  • Anything over 7 days, Bellissima Brows & Lashes has no obligation to offer any complimentary treatments.


  • Bellissima Brows & Lashes does not, under any circumstances, give refunds. Any lashes that come off prematurely must be reported to the therapist within 72 hours, or no action can be under taken to rectify any problems.


  • If the correct aftercare and advice is not followed, Bellissima Brows & Lashes cannot guarantee the lashes at all, and this is at the customers own risk.


  • Eyelash extensions vary in lifespan due to the stage of growth the natural eyelash is in, therefore, only an approximate life span for each person's eyelash extensions can be ascertained. 


  • Lash extensions will need maintenance treatments every 2-3 weeks, to keep the Lashes looking full.


  • No water must be on the Lashes for 48 hours after the application.


  • No heat treatments are to be on the Lashes for 3 days. This includes sun, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, sun beds, eye treatments, and spray tan applications.


  • No eye make up should be applied to the lashes. If it is, the lifespan of lashes decreases and retention worsens. If eye makeup is used, no problems will be rectified unless full infill price is paid.


  • Under no no circumstances can the extensions be curled, manually or mechanically.


  • Eyelash extensions are guaranteed for strictly one week with the use of a 100% water based mascara/make up and make up remover/ cleanser etc. Any other products do not reflect the guarantee. 


  • If aftercare isn't followed and lash extensions aren't kept clean, for hygiene reasons, bellissima brows & lashes can refuse treatment and insist removal.



  • Strictly no waterproof eye makeup can be used on the extensions.


  • Eyelash extensions must be removed professionally and under no circumstances can they be removed with home applications. 


  • The length of the lash extension applied is determined by the length of the natural lash. If the extension applied is too long for for the natural lash, it may cause damage to the natural lash due to snapping, or premature fall out. The extension may also twist downwards, be uncomfortable, and look unusual.




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